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“100 MOV” Translation Centre has successful experience in translation and interpretation since 2001.
We offer reasonable prices and favourable conditions for long-term cooperation for both corporate and individual clients.

Simplicity and transparency

Our translation prices are publicly available on the website. You can always predict costs yourself or send us a file and get a free quote for your order. You will pay for the actual number of characters in the translated document.

No extra costs

We do not charge extra costs for complexity, subject and language pairs. The price of medical translation is the same as the price for legal, economic or literary translation, and translation into a foreign language costs the same as a translation from a foreign language.

Standard page 2000 characters

Our standard translation page contains 2000 characters, unlike pricing of many other translation agencies, which use 1860 or 1800 characters per page. This means that you pay 10% less!

Price for translation

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Price for interpretation

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Prices for written translation

(in UAH, including VAT)

Popular european languages

Standard translation

(5 pages/day)

Urgent translation

(5-10 pages/day)
English 300.00 450.00
French 312.00 468.00
German 312.00 468.00
Spanish 312.00 468.00
Russian 114.00 171.00

European languages, from

Standard translation

(5 pages/day)

Urgent translation

(5-10 pages/day)
Italian 420.00 630.00
Polish 360.00 540.00
Czech 360.00 540.00
Greek 360.00 540.00
Turkish 360.00 540.00
Romanian 420.00 630.00
Bulgarian 420.00 630.00
Hungarian 420.00 630.00
Serbian 420.00 630.00
Croatian 420.00 630.00
Slovak 420.00 630.00
Slovenian 420.00 630.00
Portuguese 546.00 819.00
Dutch 546.00 819.00
Swedish 546.00 819.00
Norwegian 546.00 819.00
Lithuanian 546.00 819.00

Cis countries, from

Standard translation

(5 pages/day)

Urgent translation

(5-10 pages/day)
Moldavian 420.00 630.00
Georgian 546.00 819.00
Armenian 546.00 819.00
Azerbaijanian 546.00 819.00
Kazakh 546.00 819.00
Uzbek 546.00 819.00

Oriental languages, from

Standard translation

(5 pages/day)

Urgent translation

(5-10 pages/day)
Chinese 546.00 819.00
Korean 546.00 819.00
Hebrew 546.00 819.00
Persian (farsi) 546.00 819.00
Japanese 546.00 819.00

Prices for editing and proofreading

(in UAH, including VAT)

Ukrainian, Russian 57.00
English, German 150.00
French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Greek, Turkish 180.00
Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Baltic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Arabic, Persian, Darius, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Kazakh, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijan, Latin Negotiated Price


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What is included in the price

  • Checking the translation by an editor
  • Maintaining basic text formatting, presentation of the original and translated text in two columns at a client’s request
  • Converting text files to PDF (if necessary)
  • Providing an electronic version of the translated document (by e-mail or on client’s device)

Price calculation

The price of an order is determined by the characters in the finished translation. Thus, if the document is translated from Ukrainian into French, the number of characters is counted in the French text. This rule does not apply to the languages with unusual fonts (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc.), where characters are always counted in the Ukrainian / Russian text.

Minimum order

Minimum order is 1 standard page. This means that when the actual document contains less than 2000 characters, you pay for the full page. But we offer prices for one standard translation page, not for one document, that is if you need to translate passports and a marriage certificate, you do not pay separately for each document, but for the total amount of characters in all translated documents.

Urgent translation

In determining the tariff for urgency we consider the possibility of dividing the document into logical components for translation in parallel by several translators, and then performing editing of the whole document, which can positively impact on terms and price of the urgent translation. However, different documents that are not closely connected can be translated in parallel without applying the tariff for urgency.

Prices for notarization of translation

(in UAH, including VAT)

Notarization of translation
(1 document)
Notarization of the document copy
(1 document)
Certification by the seal of the translation agency
(1 document)

Prices for consecutive interpretation

(in UAH for 1 hour, including VAT*)

English From 1,440.00
French, German, Spanish From 1,620.00
Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian, Greek, Turkish From 1,704.00
Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Kazakh, Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijanian, Latin, Hebrew Negotiated price

Prices for simultaneous interpretation

(in UAH for 1 hour, including VAT*)

English 6,000.00
Equipment rental, minimum set, per day 7,200.00
Other languages Negotiated price

Prices for other services

(in UAH, including VAT)

Editing drawings, presentations by graphic editors
(will depend on complexity of work)
30–100% of the total amount
Layout of brochures, instructions, catalogues in the same form as the original
(will depend on complexity of work)
Negotiated price
Typing of text (2000 characters — 1 page) (ukrainian, russian) 54.00
Typing of text (2000 characters — 1 page) (english) 60.00
Printing b/w, 1 page 3.00
Scanning, 1 page 3.00
Photocopying, 1 page 3.00
Up to 50 pages 400.00
Up to 100 pages 600.00


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