Cookies policy

1. How do we use Cookies?

We use Cookies on the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) for more informative, efficient and convenient use of the Website by visitors, and Cookies help us to do this. Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used to support the operation of the website, traffic analysis or for advertising purposes. These technologies are used directly by us or our business partners. Cookies used by the Website do not store personal information and can not harm your device.


We appreciate that some users may like more individual control over their Website visits and, accordingly, adjustment of their settings. You can read more about this in the section below “How to control and delete cookies.”

Cookies are small-sized files containing the amount of data that the Website can send to your browser. Then they can be saved on the hard drive of your device and accessed via the Website. These Cookies may be deleted, which will help us to configure the Website for your more convenient use. It is important to emphasize that Cookies do not collect personal data stored on your device.

Session Cookies are valid until you close the browser. Permanent Cookies have a longer validity period: they are not deleted automatically when the browser is closed. We intend to use or allow the use of Cookies with a validity period of not more than 5 years.

2. What Cookies do we use?

We want to constantly improve the quality of your time on the Website. To do this, the Website uses services such as Google Analytics, Google Analytics for advertisers, and Google Tag which help to analyze and constantly improve your presence. These services may also place Cookies. We invite you to read the privacy policy and the rules for using Cookies by such services at the link:

We also use third-party advertising services such as Facebook, Google advertising services, and other ad networks and ad servers to place ads about our products on other websites and in the applications you use. Advertising may be based on information about you that such advertising service providers can obtain using tracking data. Depending on the types of advertising services we use, these services may place cookies and other tracking technologies on your computer, your mobile phone or other device for the purpose of collecting data about your use of our Website and may use such tracking technologies to provide you with customized advertisements. To provide customized advertising, we may provide these service providers with your email address in a hashed and anonymous form (in anonymized form). When using mobile apps, you can also receive customized ads within the app. Apple iOS, Android OS, and Microsoft Windows provide their own instructions for managing customized ads within apps. For other devices and operating systems, you need to review your privacy settings or contact your platform operator.

Please note that we may transfer the information and data we receive to third parties and services that are engaged/used to provide technical support services for the Website, advertising services, and / or analysis of analytical data and statistics.

3. Third-party Cookies?

To increase the content and functionality of our Website, we may sometimes add video content or functionality from other websites and social networks, such as Youtube or Facebook. Therefore, when you visit a page with embedded content, these websites may display Cookies. The Website does not control and is not responsible for such Cookies, so for more information, you should read the Cookie policy of the relevant third party.

We also provide the ability to share content via Facebook, Google, and other sites. These websites may set Cookies when you log in to their service. Any browser when visiting the Website receives cookies from us. The Website does not control and is not responsible for such Cookies, so for more information, you should read the Cookie policy of the relevant third party.

To personalize your ads, we may integrate third-party website programs, such as the social network Facebook, into our Website. These applications sometimes contain scripts or other elements that can read and sometimes place cookies on your device. The Website does not control and is not responsible for such Cookies, so for more information, you should read the Cookie policy of the relevant third party.

Learn more about Facebook’s privacy and cookie policy:

Learn more about Google’s privacy policy (including YouTube):

4. How to control and delete Cookies?

The Website does not use Cookies to collect personal information about the Website visitor. However, if you decide to turn off, reject or block Cookies, some parts of the pages of the Website may not work correctly or in some cases the Website may not be available at all. It is also may interfere with the saving of established settings, such as login information.

For more information about managing Cookies and browser settings, or how to delete Cookies on your hard drive, visit the support website for your browser and operating system.

You can also turn off the collection of data about your visits to websites through Google Analytics by installing a special Google Analytics Blocker, which will instruct the script (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js) not to send information to Google Analytics.

Learn more about installing a Blocker:

If you use a different browser to visit the Website, you can find additional information about managing your Cookies and browser settings, or deleting Cookies, at the following links:
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